Burning out brightly

Stay tuned for 2023

Burning out brightly

Dear friends,

It’s two days after the arguably most stressful national election of our times (WHICH IS SAYING A LOT AMIRITE), and well, I’m burned out. Again. Metaphor, huh? You may recall that I was all ready to get this show back on the road a month ago but the body keeps the score and apparently mine wants me on the bench* until morale improves.

So, instead of there being more issues** this year, The Troubled Region will be back in the new year. It will also be hosted on a different platform (most likely Ghost). Exciting!


I thank you for your patience and support and look forward to reconnecting then.

Keep the fire!! Ann.


**apart from the ones in my tissues, boom-tish

^^ Tweet: The Indigenous People’s Association of Brazil declares victory for democracy in Brazil as Luiz Inácio da Silva - Lula - is declared the winner of the 2022 presidential election.

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Jamie Larson